The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated that benefits can quickly be delivered by the use of hand-held mobile technology to facilitate rapid implementation of essential changes in business and clinical practice.

As an example COVID-19 restrictions have highlighted an urgent need to improve digital communication with Patient and Staff by providing on-time access to important information and guidance, on the recipients own smartphone or tablet device. Connected Health’s Patient Connect and Staff Connect Apps are ideally suited to achieving this objective as well as gathering important feedback at the same time?

If the concept appeals but you don’t have immediate access to funding for a large project then consider how Connected Health can help you undertake a low cost “proof of concept” implementation by utilising our cost effective Test Drive option.

Use the button below to learn how to “Test Drive” either or both Apps, or continue scrolling to see the capabilities of Patient Connect and Staff Connect.

Better information, better care, better outcomes

Promote healthier behaviours
Communicate in a personalised way to members, patients and the public using their preferred comms channel
Insight for decision making
Our best in class patient feedback solution will meet your every patient feedback need
Boost your reputation
Create a whole new communication channel, fully branded to match your organisation’s identity
Engage in new ways
Manage user-generated content and connect patients with each other for peer support

From frontline to bottom line, unlock the potential

Transform your productivity
Your staff probably have have answers to most of the challenges you face. Provide a channel to harness their knowledge and ideas
Get your message across
Capture staff interests and mailing preferences & send push notifications via app, SMS or email
Improve quality and compliance
Get the right policies, procedures and pathways to the right people at the right time
Boost morale and improve recruitment & retention
Personalised communication will build your brand and set your organisation apart as an employer of choice

Why are we so passionate about what we do?

We know that informed patients make better choices.  Their treatment is likely to be more effective and the costs of service provision are likely to be lower.

And we know that a highly engaged workforce is more productive, less absent and more likely to go the extra mile for the patient.

We are dedicated to healthcare