About Us

Connected Health Pty Ltd is an Australian company created as a joint venture between well known Australian IT resources with many years international experience in the Health Sector and UK company Connected Tech Group to enhance and promote Patient Connect and Staff Connect their well established patient engagement and staff engagement software products into Asia Pacific Healthcare markets.

Patient Connect is widely used in UK and Ireland acute and primary care sectors to simplify and improve communication between provider and patient thereby improving outcomes whilst lowering the cost of care delivery. This is achieved through better patient education to increase knowledge, automating administrative tasks in the patient journey and sharing of information and reminders relevant to an active episode of care with patient and selected family members.

Staff Connect uses the same underlying functionality to improve communication between an organisation and its staff. It enables the organisation to actively show staff that their welfare is valued, their views are being listened to and ensures all staff are kept informed and updated with information relevant to their role and personal safety. The use of the staff portal at the core of Staff Connect significantly improves communication immediacy and effectiveness as well as cutting the cost. In the post COVID-19 world we will be living in communications tools such as Staff Connect have become essential to support healthcare delivery.

Service Improvement

As a local software development motivated by the Commonwealth Government Healthcare Home initiative Connected Health has added a new feature called Active Care Manager to provide Coordination of Care delivery by a Multi-disciplinary Care Team based on a patient’s defined care plan. Active Care Manager combines functionality available in Patient Connect and Staff Connect to provide Care Team workflow and communication capabilities that do not replace, but enhance and build on existing patient management and clinical systems to provide administrative support for current clinical practice by ensuring planned activities and interventions occur when needed.

What we do

With a tried and tested platform built for healthcare experts, by healthcare experts, we enable our clients to engage in new ways with staff, patients and the public.

Our technology has been designed to assist patients, clients  and providers in all forms of care including primary care, specialist care, mental health, acute care, aged care, child protection and children in need.

Improve quality, efficiency and safety by connecting people with the information they need to make better decisions.

Transforming care

Improve quality, efficiency and safety by connecting people with the information they need to make better decisions.

Our innovative products offer a completely unique toolkit for improving the user experience and unlocking the potential from your workforce.

We have an outstanding track record of listening to service users and turning their feedback into positive change for health and care organisations. We are driven by results and we take pride in the value we add.