Engage In New Ways With Staff, Patients And The Public


Patient Connect enables you to do patient and public involvement in completely new ways.

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Replace your patient feedback solution, your appointment reminders system and your membership management database with one integrated product. Save money and do more!

[icon_teaser type=”UserComment” style=”black” title=”Unlimited experiential surveys” link_text=”More…” link=”https://connected-health.online/our-products/patient-feedback/”]Our best in class patient feedback solution will meet your every patient feedback need[/icon_teaser] [icon_teaser type=”iPhone” style=”black” title=”A smartphone app that you control” link_text=”More…” link=”https://connected-health.online/patient-involvement-app/”]Create a whole new communication channel, fully branded for you[/icon_teaser] [icon_teaser type=”Settings” style=”black” title=”Capture user preferences” link_text=”More…” link=”https://connected-health.online/news-hub”]Communicate in a personalised way to members, patients and the public using their preferred comms channel…[/icon_teaser] [icon_teaser type=”Users” style=”black” title=”Peer support” link_text=”More…” link=”https://connected-health.online/ppi-ppe/”]Connect patients with each other for peer support[/icon_teaser]


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Staff Connect helps you use new technologies to tackle your staff engagement challenge.

[icon_teaser type=”PDF” style=”black” title=”Quality matters” link_text=”More…” link=”https://connected-health.online/staff-app”]Get the right policies, procedures and pathways to the right people at the right time[/icon_teaser] [icon_teaser type=”SpeechBubble” style=”black” title=”Listen well” link_text=”More…” link=”https://connected-health.online/staff-insight”]Your staff probably have have answers to most of the challenges you face…[/icon_teaser] [icon_teaser type=”AlarmBell” style=”black” title=”Personalised alerts” link_text=”More…” link=”https://connected-health.online/staff-crm”]Capture staff interests and mailing preferences & send push notifications via app, SMS or email[/icon_teaser] [icon_teaser type=”ListwImages” style=”black” title=”Your own social network” link_text=”More…” link=”https://connected-health.online/peer-network”]Instant messaging and a secure, moderated space[/icon_teaser] [/one_half] [one_half_last]

Choose a tool that can help you develop a culture of engagement, care, compassion and respect. Develop a new communication channel and promote wellbeing and engagement in your workplace

Staff Connect
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We are an ethical company, run by people who really do understand healthcare 




Roadshow 2015: We are coming to a city near you!

Manchester – Bristol – Birmingham – Newcastle – London – Leeds




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